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Come take a walk inside the artist's workshop at the Zuni Pueblo ArtWalk!

Many studios on the Artwalk are open daily for drop-ins. Stop by the Artz Cooperative to pick up a map and see which artists are open for the day! Occasionally, cultural events close all ArtWalk studios. Please contact the ARTZ Cooperative before coming to check dates of cultural activities. If you want to see a specific artists on your visit, please contact them directly to ensure their availability. We'd look forward to meeting you!


Authenticity Is Important

   The Zuni Pueblo has over 7,000 artists supporting our community on the art we create. When you visit a Zuni ArtWalk and purchase a product made in Zuni, the sales help support the Pueblo and our people. The sad truth is that more so than often than not, product sold under the pretense of Zuni Art, is unauthentic and takes away income crucial to the Zuni people and our economy. Because of this, the Zuni ArtWalk and the Pueblo started a new campaign, MADE IN ZUNI. The hallmark, symbol and story of the MADE IN ZUNI campaign ensures visitors and collectors that this art is authentic and that their purchase will go on to help ensure the Zuni culture for generations.   


Artwalk Events

  • Get ready for a tour of Zuni Pueblo through the eyes of our artists.  All ArtWalk artists have open studios during events. Start your day at the Artz Cooperative to get maps.

Daily Visits

  •  On almost any given day many artists' studios are open for drop-in visitors. Stop into the ARTZ Cooperative to see who is open and to check for cultural activities that many prohibit visitation. 


  • Arrange a personal visit with a Zuni artist(s) to learn first-hand about Zuni art and techniques. Hear the personal stories of a traditional potter, stone "fetish" carver, silversmith/jeweler, woodcarver, painter, or others. To arrange a demonstration please contact the ARTZ Cooperative or contact the artists directly.

Large Groups

  • If you are part of a large group tour we are happy to accommodate you. Please call ARTZ Cooperative at (505) 782-0640 to make your reservations and arrange your personalized tour.

Zuni Artwalk Tours