Zuni Artist Cooperative

 The ARTZ Cooperative Gallery is located along the Main State Highway 53 within our beautiful Zuni Pueblo. The Gallery is also a place used by community Artists to strengthen the Zuni community which empowered us to create the only Zuni Artist-Owned and operated cooperative. 



The building that we are currently occupying has a history that dates back to the '60s. The building used to be the Post Office for many years before a new one was constructed. Then when the building was vacated it became a Trading Post. Fast forward to the present it functions as the ARTZ Cooperative headquarters and Galley. Also the headquarters for the Zuni Artwalk.


The ARTZ Cooperative is the only pueblo Artist owned and operated cooperative in New Mexico. The formation of the Cooperative was founded to give back the power to the artist. To ensure that they receive the full monetary value they ask for.


The way artist showcases their work is first they fill out an application to be an ARTZ member. Once a member they can bring in their art to sell. When sold it is split 60/40 and the cost that goes to the gallery is just to pay for building and utilities. Were able to give Artist more by having the gallery be operated by the artist themselves on a volunteer-based schedule.