About Me

My name is Elroy Natachu Jr. My artistic journey started at a young age. I was born into a family of native craft specialists. I grew up mainly on my mother’s side of the family, with my grandfather Sefferino L. Eriacho Sr as my moral/spiritual compass. He taught discipline as well as stories of Zuni and its vast history/religion. From this teaching, I began working through visual media, sketches, drawings, etc...

My main subject matter of choice is that of the Zuni Kachinas. The reason being is to instill a sense of cultural preservation, in this modern age the younger generation did not grow up as I did. I hope to help to further enforce the importance of oral tradition, and the passing on of knowledge, with the stories and teaching of how these sacred beings and entities were held in high regard by our ancestors. Through my use of visual media, I seek to bridge the past with the present. 

I Am A Zuni Artist

Natachu Ink